kaby lake-g

  1. R

    Is Kaby Lake-G More Polaris than Vega?

    In an interesting article from PCPer today, recent tests and benchmarks for Intel's new Kaby Lake-G processors with Radeon Vega M Graphics show that the GPU may be more Polaris based than Vega. The first hint was that in AIDA64 the GPU in Kaby Lake-G is listed as "Polaris 22", while that could...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    RUMOR: Kaby Lake-G Spotted with Separate GPU Chip Under the Hood

    You may remember when we broke the news that an AMD-Intel GPU licensing deal was being considered, and later confirmed it. Well, we might be seeing early leaks of the first fruits of this endeavor. In today's google translate rumor special (here is the original link if you are a language wiz)...