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    Help/Guidance: Hyper-V Cluster (CSVFS) + ISCSI - SLOW

    All, I'm in need of some help. I'm trying to figure out where to go with this. I recently setup a new cluster that's using a NETAPP LUN. When accessing the LUN as a mapped drive (before mapping as clustered storage) I get very fast performance. E.G. 900 MB/s xfer of files. Once I add the...
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    Physical vs. Virtual FreeNAS + iSCSI vs. NFS: performance testing results.

    Hi everyone, I've wanted to see how well FreeNAS would perform in back to back tests on physical vs. virtual hosts on the same hardware for a while now and finally have all the parts together to do some initial testing. My vision is to have a single box that can do it all for my homelab and...