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    Canon 28mm f/2.8 IS This is the same thing that is listed in my FS thread. If eBay makes you feel more secure...
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    Canon 28mm f/2.8 IS EF lens - MINT! With B&W UV Filter!

    I'm in 91711. Shipping will all be done via USPS flat rate shipping boxes. Ensured. I'll split the shipping and Paypal costs with buyers. FEEDBACK: eBay: Heatware: (Also, I've been on this forum forever, if that...
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    Voice chat in SteamVR totally broken?

    Cannot, for the life of us, get voice chat in any form to work in Steam VR. Wife and I both have Oculus Rift headsets. She's playing on my Alienware 13, I'm on my gaming system. Voice works perfectly in anything from Oculus home - we've done a ton of things in there and it is golden. We've...