iphone 12

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    FS: iPhone Firesale 2.0 (11 Max Pro/ XR/ Bonus)

    Hello all, Firesale on the last phones from the last upgrade to iphone 12s. For who missed the first sale! iPhone 11 Max Pro Green 256GB (Verizon 2 big scratch / few smaller) iPhone XR (Verizon white) iPhone XR (Verizon black / cracked screen / needs format) iPhone 7 plus (AT&T / 1 smaller...
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    FS: Iphone XR Firesale (6 phones +1 bonus!)

    Hello, Just upgraded my small biz to new iPhone 12's so I have 6x iPhone XR's (Verizon unlocked) + 1x XR with a cracked screen. All 6x are in great shape with minor use (no cracks or large dings) as these were in cases. Selling as a bundle only, less than $250 each!!! 6x iPhone XR 64GB + 1x...