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    Apple iPhone X 64GB - Factory Unlocked

    Apple iPhone X 64GB, purchased directly from Apple in December 2017 - store receipt available to verify. This is model # A1865 so it works on all carriers. The phone is in perfect condition (no dents, scuffs, or scratches anywhere) and it still has plenty of time left on it's original one year...
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    Temperglass issue

    I tried three different brand temperglass for iPhone all had bubbles and dust by me removing the temper glass and trying another won’t that damage the screen I only tried three brands and use there cleaning kit for install ?
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    iPhone X issue camera

    Hello everyone I been through three replacements of iPhone X First one dust in lens and screen not glued right Second dust in lens they attempt a repair at Apple but failed and gave me a replacement My third unit I have now has dust in the lens it looks like a smudge or hair on second lens...
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    iphone x issue

    I accidentally spit on my iphone x on a corner a tiny dot of spit on the edge of phone with my speck candy shell case on it will it damage my iphone ? I did clean it off with a micro fiber cloth and I did turn off my phone. i'm on iphone upgrade program and I don't want to pay anything...
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    The iOS 11 Thread

    EDIT: Major feature update today. 11.1 (October 31st) https://www.macrumors.com/2017/10/31/apple-releases-ios-11-1-with-new-emoji/ I'm assuming that this is to coincide with the press gaining access to their iPhone X's and wanting to have maximum features launched with it. Still everyone...