insider trading

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    Intel's CEO Sold $24 Million In Stock After Learning About Security Flaw

    Brian Krzanich, Intel's CEO reportedly sold $24 million in company stock, as he was contractually allowed. Krzanich sold the stock in late November, months after Google had informed the company of the security flaw in June. To avoid charges of trading on insider knowledge, executives often put...
  2. DooKey

    Coinbase Investigating Possible Insider Trading of Bitcoin Cash

    Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, released a blog entry today announcing his company was going to investigate possible insider trading of Bitcoin Cash prior to public trading of BC on Coinbase yesterday. Apparently, a run up in price of BC has raised suspicions that someone was taking advantage of...
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    MIT Ph.D Busted For Insider Trading Because He Searched How To Do It

    The Department of Justice announced in a press release that they are charging Fei Yan with insider trading charges. Fei Yan allegedly repeatedly traded on confidential corporate information obtained from his spouse, a lawyer at an international law firm. Some of these trades followed online...