1. R

    Blackberry Seeks Injunction on Facebook For Patent Infringement

    Variety is reporting that Blackberry has sued Facebook, as well as it's Instagram and WhatsApp subsidiaries claiming that they co-opted Blackberry's mobile-messaging technology. Blackberry alleges that Facebook and its companies created mobile-messaging applications infringe on BlackBerry...
  2. FrgMstr

    Qualcomm Pushes Forward on iPhone and iPad Sales Ban

    So the squabble between Qualcomm and Apple has not exactly been a secret, but Qualcomm upped the stakes a bit yesterday by filing lawsuits for patent infringement in order to get sales injunctions against many of Apple's products in the U.S. as reported by The Register. We will keep our eyes...
  3. H

    Zenimax Seeks Injuction for Oculus Rift SDK

    Saw t his over at RPS Was waiting for something like this, very interesting they are seeking an injunction for the SDK and not the Rift headset itself.. Which really brings to light the real issue...