1. MavericK

    Amazing VR bundle @ Humble Bundle

    Some really great games on there for the price. I already have many of them but if you don't, this is a steal.
  2. A

    humble vr sale went up yesterday but whatever, Call of the Starseed for $8 seems like a no brainer to me..
  3. H

    Humble Bundle VR Sale Runs through Friday 1 PM ET. Some good titles on here.
  4. R

    Shadow Warrior: Special Edition Free for 20 Hours on Humble Store

    The Humble Store has Shadow Warrior: Special Edition for free for the next 20 hours as of this writing. This is the remastered version from 2013. And being the Special Edition you get some extras. Fun game, full of bad jokes and an excellent melee combat system, it's worth paying for, for free...
  5. NoxTek

    Humble Jumbo Bundle 6!

    A new Humble Bundle dropped today! Humble Jumbo Bundle 6! Benefiting the American Red Cross and DirectRelief PWYW: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown (+Soundtrack) Warmachine Tactics: Standard Edition (+Mercenaries Faction Bundle) Beat The Average...