1. L

    Homelab - Mail Relay Server for Cron

    I used to use Google SMTP server for sending cron notifications in case of faults (e.g. mdadm array broken, smartctl errors, now ZFS, etc) but I am seeing that it's getting more and more unreliable. In the paste i used msmtp to interface directly with the google server wih a gmail account. Now...
  2. dvsman

    SSL + your website = ?

    So I noticed that google chrome is giving me the stink eye about websites I visit that aren't SSL secured lately. Is this really a big deal that I should be concerned about? What about for personal websites / blogs that don't do e-commerce or financial transactions of any kind? I wanted to see...
  3. J

    Possible space available for ASIC miner hosting (in a real datacenter!)

    Apologies if this isn't an appropriate venue for this, I just thought I'd post here to see if I could help anyone out (and I'd much rather work with HardOCP members than the types of people you often find on the 'main' crypto forums!) I bought a bunch of ASIC miners (Antminer S9 and L3+), and...
  4. S

    GoDaddy Coupons

    $0.99 .coms code mma99com 30% off new orders code mma30off $1/month managed wordpress hosting for the 1st year + free domain code mma1wp $1/month economy hosting for 1 year code mmahost
  5. M

    EVGA Classified SR-2 (question)

    Hey Lads, Didn't want to necro the SR-2 owner's thread so decided to post my own. If anyone with previous experience with these boards could enlighten me on a couple of things I would be most appreciative. 1. I managed to land some cheap x5670's paired up ready for the board. Would these...