FS: Discounted Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM, Windows 10 Pro OEM and Office Professional 2019 product keys

    Hey everyone, I have an awesome blowout sale on genuine Microsoft software license product keys for those staying at home building PCs or working from home. Hopefully this will ease the pockets of those who need a deal while the economy is in crisis. Check out my current inventory and prices...
  2. cageymaru

    Google Patents Data Mining Cameras in Bedroom and Listening Devices in Homes

    Google has created new, exciting patents to eavesdrop on your home environment. One patent will scan your home and identify items in your home. So if you have a shirt from a favorite artist in your closet, it will recommend tickets to see them live. It can scan your closet to learn your taste in...
  3. cageymaru

    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    My personal copy of Windows 10 Pro decided that it is no longer valid as the key stored on the Microsoft servers is only good for Windows 10 Home. I even ran the Windows troubleshooter where it listed all of the valid Windows 10 Professional licenses stored on my Microsoft account, but still...
  4. S

    Home Network Security Cocktail

    What's your flavor? Here's mine: FortiGate 60E NGFW (if you're in the industry you can get these free from Fortinet at various events/etc. - watch for them and sign up - the common combo is an 8 port managed switch, this, and an AP) - pfSense is great if you're a roll your own guy/open source...
  5. R

    Google Rolling Out Fix For Wi-Fi Killing Bug

    In a post on a Google Home Help page, Google has announced they have identified the bug that was causing many users' router to be hammered with requests and subsequently freezing. The post by Google is a bit confusing to me, while it's on the "Google Home Help" page, it says it's a bug for...
  6. Z

    Suggestions for home phone service over internet

    Hi, so I have 2 verizon cell phones in my home and the cell signal here is abysmal. Even though I'm within spitting distance of downtown Chicago, my cell signal at home is frequently 3g and 1 bar if i'm lucky, on either phone (samsung galaxy s6 and s7). i would like to do one of the following...
  7. Zarathustra[H]

    Google Pulls Beauty and the Beast 'ad' from Home

    Users of Google Home have been up in arms about an ad for Disney's Beauty and the Beast making its way into their "My Day" updates. Google has now pulled it. According to Google this was not intended to be an ad, but rather a relevant calendar update. A company like Google certainly has to...
  8. F

    Home VM server

    Hello, I am currently running VMware on my gaming PC: i5 4690k 24GB of ram 250GB ssd samsung 850 evo (other hardware i think does not matter much but here it is xfx 750w TS asus Maximus VII Ranger I have 8 VMs running currently and i am looking to expand to about 20 VMs total. All VMs are...