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    Coffee Lake-S Details: Intel's First Mainstream 6C/12T Launches February 2018

    - Coffee Lake confirmed to be Intel's first mainstream hexa-core CPU - 149mm² for a 6C/12T Coffee Lake, only an extra 23mm² compared to the quad-core version - 6C+GT2 is actually smaller than 4C+GT3e (149mm² vs 185mm²) - Coffee Lake-S will be available for desktops earlier, in February 2018...
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    Motherboard advice 2x m.2 slots needed.

    Hey men. I feel a little pretentious making a new thread with my first post here, but I do feel like I am, somewhat, part of the family here as a year long lurker. So I am currently doing a bit of research into my new build. My old one lasted me for 7'ish years, I feel it is time for an...