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  1. V

    2080 Super's Raytracing feature does not seem to work in Modern Warfare. Any suggestions?

    Hello all! I have been really enjoying my PC build and I am impressed at how it handles modern titles but, recently, I tried using Ray Tracing for, really, the first time. I never really thought about trying it much when I bought my system since all of the reviews said that it was overblown and...
  2. H

    Win10... Unending Blue Screens.

    Sorry if this is the wrong page for this, first time posting. I'm not great when it comes to understanding much about my PC and right now I just know that it's giving me blue screens at an exceptionally frustrating frequency and I don't know how to make them stop. I'll try to break down...
  3. P

    Overclocked 5930K to 4.625GHz stable - Need help going higher

    I have an Intel 5930K running on an Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard. I've run it with a multiplier of 36 (all cores sync'd) and a Voltage of 1.275 and I have gotten it to overclock to 4.5GHz stable with temps below 70C at full load. It's run stable for well over a year. This is on a...
  4. M

    VDI with horizon 7.5.1

    I have a vmware horizon 7.5.1 environment with 4 host in a cluster. I’m provisioning windows 10 guest in my desktop pool, I also have nvidia grid gpu’s assigned to be used by the guest machines that also are configured with 6gig of ram and 2 cpu’s each. I have about 300 vdi guest and in the...
  5. DWolvin

    OG Microsoft Sidewinder replacement

    Hi all, As stated above, my mouse is starting to wear out, the scroll wheel has been worn smooth and clickless over the years. I have tried the new EVGA Torq 10x and didn't like it. The mouse is really strange about acceleration without it's software package, and I couldn't seem to find a...