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    Sold: Cryorig C7 G 47mm low-profile cooler

    Hi friends, I have a like-new-in-box Cryorig C7G Graphene cooler I've evaluated briefly (less than a week). It performed really well in an open bench environment, but I find its closeness to my case side panel generates some turbulence even when I swapped the heatsink's fan with a Noctua...
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    I'm using my XFX R9 290 DD with a Kraken G10 and a Corsair H55, am I missing anything?

    I'm ordering a copper shim, a corsair h55, a 4-pin PWM -> Molex cable for the pump so it has a constant 12V power supply, and the Gelid Icy Vision enhancement VRM heatsinks kit. Is that everything? Does anyone have any good step-by-step guides on how to install everything on this card?