1. R

    One Stop For Pr0n and Guns

    Following the announcement that YouTube would be banning videos that relate to selling firearms and accessories, YouTube channel InRangeTV is moving their content to Pornhub, according to a cNet report. This happens nearly a year after InRangeTV demonetized all its videos. InRangeTV stated on...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    Russian Humanoid Robot 'Fedor' Learns to Shoot Using Both Arms

    Here's a new one from the "Robot's Will Kill us All" desk. The Russians claim to have developed a humanoid robot capable of shooting dual handed. This one is probably best taken with a grain of salt, as the source, Sputnik, formerly known as "The Voice of Russia" is more or less the official...
  3. D


    Are there any if you guys here playing CSportable its counter strike on mobile available on Android,IOS and Web player