gtx 1050

  1. LFaWolf

    SOLD! For Sale: New Open Box EVGA GTX 1050 SC 2GB with Warranty

    SOLD! Read: When you send me PM to purchase or offer, please include your Heatware. Apology in advance but I will not trade with anyone with a few feedback or is new to the forums. Heatware: Method of Payment: PayPal Goods and Services. Shipping: USPS...
  2. K

    FS: Asus Dual-GTX-1050 2GB video card

    Upgrading to a 1060, this card is no longer needed. It is currently running my eGPU enclosure with no issues. Does not require a power cable and includes the card only. Asus Dual GTX 1050 2GB card, SOLD to noclevername H E A T W A R E
  3. Starrbuck

    FS: Lenovo Yoga 720 / i7-7700HQ / 15.6" UHD IPS / GTX 1050 / 16GB DDR4 / 1TB NVMe SSD / Active Pen

    >>> SOLD! <<< Lenovo Yoga 720 / i7-7700HQ / 15.6" UHD (4K) IPS Multitouch / GTX 1050 2GB / 16GB DDR4 / 1TB NVMe PCIe SSD / Win 10 Pro (64-bit) A 2-IN-1 PERFORMANCE POWERHOUSE! Combining impressive processing power and graphics with the latest features, the Yoga 720 is the perfect companion to...
  4. M

    Will Core i3-530 bottleneck GTX 1050?

    Hi! My graphics card was acting up lately, so I'm looking to buy a replacement. Is GTX 1050 (non Ti version) worth it with my Core i3-530 CPU over GTX 750 Ti or the bottleneck will nullify the advantage of the better card? My system specs: OS Windows 10 and Arch Linux CPU Intel Core i3-530...
  5. Finny76

    WTB: GTX 10 Series GPU 1050 1060

    Looking for a Nvidia 10 Series GPU, 1050 preferred but will consider 1060 (if priced right). Couldn’t find any for sale while searching, so please post what you have for sale here. Thanks
  6. FrgMstr

    Gears of War 4 DX12 Performance Review @ [H]

    Gears of War 4 DX12 Performance Review - We take Gears of War 4, a new Windows 10 only game supporting DX12 natively and compare performance with seven video cards. We will find out which one provides the best experience at 4K, 1440p, and 1080p resolutions, and see how these compare to each...
  7. S

    GTX 1050 Ti (Laptop) – Specifications and Benchmarks

    Base core clock 1490 MHz Boost core clock 1624 MHz CUDA cores 768 Memory bandwidth 112.1 GB/s Memory type and size GDDR5, 4GB Memory interface 128-bit ROPs / TMUs 32 / 64 7-10% faster than mobile GTX 970...