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  1. AlphaAtlas

    Gigabyte Will Allegedly Lay Off Sales and Marketing Staff

    A recent report from Digitimes claims that Gigabyte Technology is facing weak GPU and Motherboard demand in 2019. As a consequence, they're allegedly "planning to cut its sales and marketing expenses for 2019 and will axe 5-10% of its personnel in the first half of 2019." The "market observers"...
  2. R

    EVGA Quietly Changes Warranty Policy

    Long praised for their customer service, and transferable warranty, EVGA has apparently, and very quietly changed their warranty policies as it pertains to used hardware. Any piece of EVGA hardware, including video cards, motherboards, power supplies, cases, laptops or peripherals that were...
  3. R

    Corsair Wants to Stop GPU Abuse

    Corsair has released a new video to raise awareness for GPU abuse. #GPURESCUE is an initiative to save graphics cards from their neglect and abuse at the hands of cryptocurrency miners. For less than the cost of a retro inspired 8-bit indie platformer, we can help. Thanks to cageymaru for the story.