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    AMD working their driver magic!

    So when I first got my 6900xt back in February I couldn’t get above 10500 graphics score in timespy extreme with my max OC and pushing power target all the way to 450 watts but now in November I revisited 3dmark and got 10500 on stock settings and 11200 with max OC but only using 289 watts. I...
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    NVIDIA 11 Series Coming to Lenovo Desktops Fall 2018

    DSOGaming is reporting that at E3 a lenovo representative told YouTuber "Brainbean" that the NVIDIA 11 series, up to the 1180, would be in the Lenovo Legion desktops in Fall 2018. This is the first we're hearing the name, and timeframe of the upcoming cards. Check out the video. Exciting...