1. cageymaru

    Google Maps Augmented Reality Creates Navigation by Using Real World Landmarks

    Wall Street Journal reporter David Pierce was privy to a new form of pedestrian only, augmented reality navigation that is coming to Google Maps in the future. In the video below, Mr. Pierce takes his phone's camera and uses it to capture images of landmarks around him such as signs, shops, etc...
  2. cageymaru

    Alphabet Project Wing Delivery Drones Sound like F1 Cars According to Angry Aussies

    Over 1,000 Australians living in the flight path of the Alphabet Project Wing delivery drone service have signed a petition and submitted it to the local legislative assembly to have the service terminated. Bonython Against Drones is a group of residents that say the cameras on the drones are...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    SpaceX Launches First National Security Mission

    Earlier this week, SpaceFlightNow reported that SpaceX made their first successful launch with a military payload. The Falcon 9 rocket carried a GPS satellite with the nickname "Vespucci" into orbit. Unlike most Falcon 9 missions, SpaceX didn't try to recover the rocket's first stage, as the...
  4. cageymaru

    The Pentagon Restricts Use of Fitness Trackers and Cellular GPS Devices for Soldiers

    The Pentagon has taken notice of reports that fitness trackers can be used to easily track and spy on FBI agents, nuclear technicians, and other employees working at sensitive bases. This is due to the devices tracking the user's route and posting it to social media in addition to a lack of...
  5. cageymaru

    Tommy Hilfiger XPLORE Clothes Will Track Your Location

    Tommy Hilfiger's new XPLORE lineup of clothing will be equipped with smart chip technology to track when and where you wear your clothing. It will seamlessly interface with an iOS app to allow Tommy Hilfiger to reward you for walking past their clothing locations and other places of interest on...
  6. N

    Transfer Maps between Garmin GPS's

    I have 2 Garmin GPSs. One is a Nuvi 2559 with North America and Europe Maps and the other is a 3597 with North America Maps. Is it possible to move maps from the 2559 to the 3597? The latter has voice command and I'd rather use it in Europe than mine, but don't feel like buying maps since I...
  7. R

    Modern Technology Reveals Many Famous Geographical Markers Are In The Wrong Place

    Advances in technology coupled with the constant shifting of land has rendered many famous locations are actually in the wrong place. Ecuador's "Middle of the World," the meeting point of the 4 hemispheres is nearly 800 feet south of the monument. In Brazil, there is a marker for the central...