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  1. FrgMstr

    Alexa, Send the Nigerian Prince the Balance of My Bank Account

    Associated Press is telling us that banking is coming to those always-on voice activated personal assistants that everyone loves so dearly. Australia seems to already be all over this. We don't trust partying at the Marriott with Alexa. Good luck with giving her all your banking information...
  2. R

    Your Chromecast or Google Home Might Be Screwing Up Your Wi-Fi

    Google Home and Chromecast devices are reportedly knocking out people's Wi-Fi. Originally reported by Android Police, the problem was thought to be isolated to the Google Home Max, and the TP-Link Archer C7 router. However there are now reports from users experiencing the same issues with...
  3. FrgMstr

    Smart Device Calls Cops on Domestic Assault

    While this story no longer notes the maker of said device that called the cops, it is still an interesting story. Apparently something bad went down while a couple was house-sitting, and one of those always-listening home devices (which I refuse to have in my house) called the Sheriff's...
  4. M

    Smart Home Device Alerts New Mexico Authorities to Alleged Assault

    Originally attributed to Google Home by mutliple sources on the internet; a smart home device, not Google Home, alerted the New Mexico sheriffs department to a domestic dispute. Apparently, a man threatened to kill his girlfriend, but the authorities were notified by a smart speaker hooked up to...
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    Google Pulls Beauty and the Beast 'ad' from Home

    Users of Google Home have been up in arms about an ad for Disney's Beauty and the Beast making its way into their "My Day" updates. Google has now pulled it. According to Google this was not intended to be an ad, but rather a relevant calendar update. A company like Google certainly has to...