google assistant

  1. C

    Watching You: Companies that spy together, profit together

    The smart homes, stupid users saga continues. When Amazon, Apple and Google work together you know we're doomed. The innocuous sounding Project Connected Home over IP has the backing of every major data collection company (agency) in most of the universe - except Facebook, but that's a...
  2. badcookies

    FS: 2x Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch (No Hub Required, Works w/ Alexa, Google Assistant & Cortana)

    Geeni TAP Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch No Hub Required, Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Microsoft Cortana REQUIRES NEUTRAL WIRE I have 2 of this exact item ($25 ea): I bought before realizing it requires a neutral wire...
  3. cageymaru

    Google Pixel 3 Advertising Demonstrates Active Edge Features

    Google Pixel 3 advertising in Japan is showcasing the Active Edge feature of the upcoming smartphone. Active Edge technology was used in the Google Pixel 2 as a way to launch Google Assistant and silence alarms, timers, notifications, and incoming calls.
  4. cageymaru

    Google Assistant Is Now Bilingual and New Smart Home Devices Are Available

    Google Assistant functionality has been expanded to cater to bilingual families. From now on a consumer will be able to choose from two languages and freely switch between both while conversing with new smart devices. Many new manufacturers have announced smart devices that will feature Google...
  5. cageymaru

    Google Demos A.I. Duplex Features From Google Assistant App

    Google recently gave members of the press a demonstration of the capabilities of the A.I. embedded in the Google Assistant app. The A.I. feature called Duplex is capable of calling restaurants and hair salons to make reservations. It speaks in a more human manner by adding um and ah sounds in...
  6. FrgMstr

    Google Assistant Gets Your Hair Did

    Google Assistant brings us one step closer to never having to interact with another human being ever. Thank goodness. You folks were really getting on my nerves. Check out the video.
  7. R

    Nest Camera Gains Enhanced Spying Abilities

    Owners of the Nest Cam IQ can look forward to a free update rolling out this week that will install Google Assistant on it. Ina report from the associated press, the update comes just 2 weeks after Nest moved back under Google's direct control instead of it's parent company Alphabet. While the...