1. cageymaru

    Alienware Co-Founder Frank Azor Discusses How Gaming Has Changed

    Alienware vice president and GM Frank Azor agreed to an interview with Sameer Mitha of where he discussed what got him into gaming at an early age (Prince of Persia), the first game he played on his own PC (Links 386), and why all gaming platforms are steps to the ultimate gaming...
  2. DooKey

    Hands-free Driving is Coming to all Cadillac Models

    GM doesn't want to be outdone by Tesla so it's getting ready to put their own version of Autopilot in 2020 Cadillac models. They call their version Super Cruise, but it has a key difference and it's the fact that it only works on expressways. Also, it won't back your car out of the garage or...
  3. DooKey

    GM Plans to Launch Autonomous Car Without Steering Wheel or Pedals Next Year

    If you go to Vegas or some similar destination next year you just might jump into a cab that not only is driverless, but it's not going to have a steering wheel or pedals. It's going to be just you, your friends and some comfortable seats. At least this is what GM is hoping for next year...
  4. R

    GM's Cruise Employees Test Autonomous Ride-Sharing App

    Employees of Cruise Automation, the self-driving startup acquired by GM last year is operating an autonomous ride-sharing service in San Francisco for employees. The service, called Cruise Anywhere, works like the Uber or Lyft app. Users request a ride and the nearest available car starts to...