1. FrgMstr

    New NVIDIA GameReady Drivers for Star Wars Battlefront and Destiny 2

    Probably not a lot of you guys needing these drivers, after reading things like this! But if you are looking to spend your $60 on a crappy game experience, you might as well have good framerates and stability. Head over and get the v388.31 drivers for Team Green. Game Ready for Star WarsTM...
  2. hotsauce2007

    Car seat as a chair / Audi A8 Seat

    Hi, I´m developing one project right now, look what I´m trying to do: I want to build one chair using one audi a8 seat, why? Because I can set the adjustments using the commands of the seat and make it warm or cold. The seat has heater and ventilation, massage settings and adjustments for...
  3. FrgMstr

    NVIDIA GeForce 378.78 Performance Driver Follow-Up @ [H]

    NVIDIA GeForce 378.78 Performance Driver Follow-Up - We will take the new NVIDIA GeForce 378.78 performance driver and add it to our NVIDIA Video Card Driver Performance Review graphs to see if this driver has improved performance. NVIDIA has made some very bold claims lately, so let's see if...