1. postcd

    W7 computer freezing (screen is like old analog television, frozen sound and HDD led lighting)

    Hello, on my desktop computer (detail) i turn it on sometimes to play for an hour or two game, but in maybe 40% cases (every other day or so) happen that computer freeze during gameplay (seen no freeze during game not running, though it is minimum time computer running without game): - screen...
  2. postcd

    BSOD in W7 + Event Log + minidump

    Hello, this issue do not go away: seemingly similar BSOD's, game freezing for a second sometimes, and displayed screen image defects. Regarding screen defects - these may not be related to BSOD, these defects happen when i connect the monitor to both mine computers at same time thru the HDMI...
  3. postcd

    Which Windows limits causing softwares to lag/frozing?

    Hello, on my WIndows 10 64bit Home, it happens to me in case of numerous software (example: Firefox, qBittorrent, DC++, Comodo Internet Security) that the software is lagging (operations that usually are instantaneous/quick takes significantly longer time, the visual "mouse over" elements...
  4. C

    My screen freezes in Mortal Kombat X on RX 460 4GB but I can still hear sound

    After playing 5-6 matches with my friend, screen just freezes during match. I am not sure if this could be an issue but I am playing pirate version ( don't blame me for that, I am going to buy original version tonight, but I am not sure should I because of this issue). I am running the game...