for honor

  1. AlphaAtlas

    For Honor Gets an Expansion and Graphical Update

    For Honor is getting a big, free update alongside the Marching Fire expansion. Among other things, Ubisoft's fantasy brawler is getting a "major" global illumination upgrade, a revamped skybox, better textures, and new post processing effects. The free update will also include major balance...
  2. noclevername

    For Honor free on Steam. 75% off other versions

    For Honor: Starter Edition is free on steam right now. Just click install and you get the game to keep. The only difference between this one and the standard is cost to unlock new characters through play time.
  3. M

    For Honor Exploit Spoils Tournament and Riles Its Community

    This past weekend Ubisoft held a tournament with a prize pool of $10,000. To the chagrin of many competitors and the community, the winner used a well known exploit. He even detailed the exploit a month before entering the tournament. By using an "unlock tech," a skilled player can make the...
  4. S

    FS: Sixfootduo's For Sale Tread. Cool Stuff Enclosed ( with pictures )

    Sixfootduo's For Sale Tread. Cool Stuff Enclosed. Sorry, not looking for trade. Thank you in advance. Reference: 14 or 15 year old eBay account with 100% feedback ( mediaplayaz ) Personal phone information provided as well. Paypal only. 3 x For Honor / Ghost Recon Wildland Codes. NOTE: You...
  5. andressergio

    Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor Keys $30 each

    Guys as title says i have 2 from my GTX 1080Ti cards Redeem here using Gforce Experience paypal only heat
  6. G

    Ghost Recon/For Honor code, 4690K CPU w/ASRock Z97-E ITX, G.Skill DDR3

    NVIDIA game code - $30 Gigabyte GTX960 Windforce - $100 PNY GTX680 2GB Reference Model - $75 4690K i5 CPU w/ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac - $250 G.Skill PC3-12800 (2x4GB) - $70 Will combine ram with mobo/cpu for $300 shipped System has been used as an HTPC for the last two years and has never had...
  7. A

    NVIDIA GIFT - For Honor or Ghost Recon Wildlands Code (PC) [fast email DELIVERY]

    Must have nvidia 1070 or 1080.. Asking $32 on ebay with fast email delivery after payment cleared.
  8. Darkswordz

    SOLD: "Ghost Recon Wildlands" or "For Honor" Digital Key

    I'm selling the digital key for "Ghost Recon. Wildlands" or "For Honor". It came with my 1080 Ti card. You must have a GTX 1070/1080 and a GeForce Experience account in order to redeem. $30.00. Verified Paypal only. All sales final. * SOLD * Heatware: Black & White Code Redemption...
  9. Stormside

    Sold: For Honor/Ghost Recon Wildlands PC Game Code

    Asking $35 Verified PayPal. I will PM the code to you and mail it to your PayPal address. Code is only good for 1 of the games not both :) To redeem this code you have to have a 1080 or 1070 and you can't have already used the For Honor/Ghost Recon game promotion...