1. P

    New GPU now or wait till year end

    Hi all, I'm wondering if the prices have stabilized for video cards? It used to be very expensive last 2 years. I'm also on a budget, maximum I can go around $250 and the unit has to last minimum 5 years. I don't need big power. Don't really play latest gpu-intensive games. But I do want to use...
  2. Gilthanis

    FAH challenge for 2021 discussion

    I am talking with TAAT to see how we want to handle this coming years challenge between the two teams. I am posting this here to get more people interested and giving some feedback. We are also discussing in their forums and in slack if anyone wants to chime in with questions and suggestions...
  3. Gilthanis

    Folding@home top 10 teams

    Looks like [H] has dropped out of the top 10 teams. Our production is on a decline too. Has interest petered out or is it just part of the Summer cycle of things?
  4. Gilthanis

    Thoughts on another FAH challenge between H and TAAT. Please comment

    OK, so we are in the works of talking to TAAT about another FAH challenge. I've been PM'ing biodoc about this and we need some of team H's thoughts on how they would like a yearly challenge to go. This past one originally was going to be us vs. them. However, they had about double the output we...
  5. Gilthanis

    FAH NaCl End of Life

    I just saw this. Shame because it is what I typically used on a few pieces of hardware.
  6. McCHillin

    Folding for heat

    So, its supposed to be a cold one this winter, and i have been trying to come up with a good use for all these extra GPU's. then i discovered FOLDING.... I could build a system for every room, BOOM instant space heaters. Any thoughts?
  7. S

    How am I #36 in [H] FAH Production?

    So I have been folding for a long time for [H] but haven't posted in the DC forum for some time now. I have been posting in the Video Cards forums a bit lately and have been pondering something so I decided to make a new post. It would be nice to put something like this in the Video Cards...