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    Flickering Triangles in game GeForce 3070ti FTW3

    Just upgraded from a 1080ti to a 3070ti and I have to say it's been a wacky experience. The card works great but I can't find a fix anywhere for some of the weird flickering I keep getting. I haven't ruled out some form of artifacting, but I've been unable to find any other examples of my issue...
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    KD43X720E with GTX 970 flickering green pixels

    So I just picked up a Sony KD43X720E from Costco to use as a monitor and everything looks great, except in certain warm grays, there are flickering green pixels arranged in a grid like pattern. The grid is consistent and across the whole display and always the same pixels. It's hard to capture...
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 as PC monitor for work (PWM flickering at high brightness)

    Hi. I'm planning to buy UE40KU6100 TV (which is a curved version of UE40KU6000 which is european name for UN40KU6300) to work and movies. I used it for a short time and I know it's great but I'm little concerned about flickering. On Rtings they say that this TV doesn't flicker at 50-100%...