flash memory

  1. B

    Need Clarification On Decimal and Binary Data

    Suppose I have 64GB flash memory card. Ot is advertised as 64GB but in reality it's 58.21GB in binary standard which is used in Windows. However in Linux its storage remains 64GB. Question: If I want to use flash memory card in Linux or Android or put it in small surveillance camera, why not...
  2. B

    Flash Thumbdrive with Performance Rivaling SSD?

    I am interested to know what's so special about thumb drive that lets it challenge SSDs. Are these comparable to external SSDs maybe? Are these thumb drives with similar longevity as SSDs? Sounds too good to be true. The one on picture is BlitzWolf brand
  3. B

    OS or Live OS On Flash Memory Card?

    Hello, I was wondering if there are bootable flash thumb drives, would flash memory card be a good idea? I guess for main OS it won't due to constant writing of data but how about to use Live CD stuff on them like Windows, Linux for troubleshooting and repair purposes? I heard how not using...
  4. DooKey

    Toshiba to Release New Super Fast 3D Flash Memory

    Toshiba is sampling their new Universal Flash Storage devices that contain 64-layer BiCS Flash 3D flash memory. It comes in 4 sizes ranging from 32GB to 256GB and has unbelievable speed compared to previous devices. Toshiba claims read/write performance is 200 percent and 185 percent better...