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  1. D

    4c/8t 6700k (stock) vs 6c/12t 3960x (4.7ghz oc) for my son in laws first PC. Need advise

    Hi all, so my brother’s wife’s son is looking to build his first PC and they don’t have the funds to pay for it. I offered to use my old components just sitting in my closet. My question is which cpu would be better for his computer for modern games. A 4c/8t 6700k that will remain stock as it is...
  2. cageymaru

    Harry Huskey, Pioneering Computer Scientist and Creator of First PC Has Died at 101

    Dr. Harry Huskey is accredited in history as the inventor of the first personal PC. The definition of a personal computer is a computer that only takes one person to operate. This is important as the PC that Dr. Huskey invented was the size of two large refrigerators. He did invent an earlier...