1. Col_Temp

    Can you use a Sonicwall TZ205 for anything?

    I have an old working pull Sonciwall TZ205. These were very complex firewalls 10 years ago. Never got around to using it for anything and its far enough out of date that I will likely not use it for anything. Plus I am wrapping up my IT business so it's taking up space now. Has the power cord...
  2. Z

    FS: $299 Sonicwall TZ400 and TZ350 + BONUS TZ215 (Jul 1 2022 lics)

    Selling a TZ400 and TZ350 that we replaced with Meraki MXs. Both the TZ400 and TZ350 have lics till Jul 1 2022 . The TZ350 is under warranty till Mar 5 2022 . TZ215 is added as a bonus (no support or lics) All come with power supplies as well. FS: $750 $299 + shipping + BONUS TZ215
  3. Z

    WTB: Meraki MX84 / MX100 (with license)

    Looking for Cisco Meraki MX84 / MX100 (MX80/MX90 EOS) with dashboard license. Let me know what you have! Thanks
  4. Z

    WTB: CISCO Meraki MX stack + 3 year

    Looking for Cisco Meraki CMNO/CMNA stacks (MR, MS, MX) plus 3 year licensing. PM your prices and how long is left on your licensing. Thanks!
  5. M

    Always have to retype saved password for it to connect to the server with RDP

    So I have a desktop with Windows 7 and a server with win server 2008r2. I have remote desktop setup with the username and password to connect to the server. Everytime it says something like authentication failed or something similar with the saved password, but if I type in the same password...
  6. B

    Need a firewall appliance with certain abilities

    Hello, I'm looking for an additional firewall appliance to go between my current router/firewall and my server. The specific purpose for this firewall appliance is to block the IP addresses of specific countries where hacking attempts and spambots frequently originate and legitimate...
  7. P

    Still Untangle? UTM Unified Threat Management router firewall?

    I have been using the Untangle home built free linux firewall solution for 10+ years, IIRC. My current untangle box has died and I want to build something new. This is for my home and I have a typical usage at home with kids gaming and streaming video. Two big...
  8. Z

    firewall recommendation

    Hi, I'm in the market for a new firewall and I'd like to hear the community recommendations. I have checked out a bunch of hardware firewalls and I think I have narrowed it down to Fortigate and Zyxel. I would like a fully featured hardware firewall that has VPN capabilities so I can connect...
  9. Schtask

    PfSense Teases Encryption For Version 2.5

    PfSense has just released updated hardware requirements for future versions of the companies software. For those not in the know, pfSense is an open source firewall computer software distribution that is built upon FreeBSD. Instead of specialized and costly equipment, pfSense is installed on a...
  10. E

    Router Upgrade for Gigabit Internet

    Cincinnati Bell Fioptics is getting installed next week, and I'm going to get their 1000 Mbps by 250 Mbps connection using fiber to the home. This will be a major improvement to my 8/3 WISP PPPOE connection that I'm getting fed up with because my internet is controlled by my county's fiscal...
  11. T

    Multiple SFP+ Ports In A Rackable Network Server

    I am looking to build or buy a rackable networking server who's sole job will be to run a firewall applicaiton like pfSense. The hard part is that I would like something that has 6 or more SFP+ ports or the option to install NICs that can get you to 6 or more SFP+ ports. Does anyone have any...
  12. The Lurker

    Allowing all network addresses to communicate over any port outbound

    I have been playing around with Sophos UTM for about 6 months now and I think I have pretty much nailed down how to administer it for our needs. But there are a few things I still have questions about, none affect network users day to day directly but I wonder about the imperceptible impacts...
  13. E

    Professional software firewall

    Agnitum finally shut their doors for good on 31 december 2016. After so many years of great software, from version 4 onwards, I am stuck without a good professional firewall. They gave me 2 years worth of Kaspersky, but that's not much to cheer for. Seems all software these days is geared for...
  14. imsuchageek

    Fed up! How can we disable / block ICMP (ping) on ESXi 6 hosts? We need an expert!!!

    We have spent days on this and have gotten no where. Here's the deal. I need to disable ICMP, at a minimum ping/echo, responses from the management IP to all non-local subnets. So in other words, lets say a random ESXi server's IP is I need all hosts on 10.10.10.x/24 to...