1. cageymaru

    Valve Updates Progress on Mature Content Submissions and New Filters

    Valve is still progressing on a Steam overhaul that protects users from seeing content that they aren't interested in. This was born from concern about mature games being available on the platform. Users will be able to ignore up to 10 types of content including developers and publishers, game...
  2. DooKey

    Parents, Your Porn Filters Don’t Keep Your Kids Away From Porn

    A study by eggheads at Oxford Internet Institute has confirmed what most of us already know. Porn filters just aren't effective in preventing children form viewing pr0n on the internet. Parents out there need to realize the only way to prevent them from viewing pr0n is to supervise them when...
  3. B

    NCASE M1 screw head problems.

    So I'm having trouble finding the right screws to use for my NCASE M1 radiator. The problem is I can't find radiator screws that have a purely flat head with no countersunk bottom. I need it flat so that the magnetic filter that comes with the case sits flush against the radiator fans (if the...