WTB 1080 Ti FE or 1080 FE

    *** POST EXPIRED *** I'm looking to test an FE card in a modified server that I have. The goal is to run a game server, run BOINC/WCG, and run F@H all on a single 2U server. Problem is that it's set up for blower fan style GPUs, like the FE models. I'd be especially interested if anyone...

    Help me build my next WCG Rig

    Hey all. I've been looking to build a dual 2011-3 system for a while. I have a couple of systems crunching already, but this one is going to be special. I'm retiring my 1366 main system this year after almost 8 years of faithful service. This new rig will not only be crunching for WCG, but...
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    How am I #36 in [H] FAH Production?

    So I have been folding for a long time for [H] but haven't posted in the DC forum for some time now. I have been posting in the Video Cards forums a bit lately and have been pondering something so I decided to make a new post. It would be nice to put something like this in the Video Cards...

    Let's help recruit for The [H]orde!

    Ok, hopefully that's a catchy title. I directed a question to Pocatello last month why we didn't have a nomination for DCOTM for August. He cited lack of interest in DC projects in the Summer months, and the conversation led to the topic of declining interest in DC on the message boards...