falcon northwest

  1. D

    WTB: Falcon Northwest Half-life 2 Case

    Back when Half-life 2 was a new game, this was a pretty amazing PC. Now, it's been nearly 17 years. I'm hoping someone on these forums has one of these and is willing to part with it. Falcon has always been a boutique builder w/ high prices, but high quality. I've never been able to afford one...
  2. cageymaru

    Falcon Northwest Tiki VR Ready PC. Same size as a XBOX One but has Dual Fiji inside.

    Roy shows off Falcon Northwest Dual Fiji PC's. 12TB of Compute performance. Roy Taylor on Twitter WCCFTECH article say 9x the power of a XBOX One and 7x that of a PS4. Double the Compute of a Titan X. AMD Teases DX12, VR Ready PCs - 9x Faster Than XBOX One, 7x Faster Than PS4 Yet Just As Small