1. DooKey

    Fake Ad-Blockers Removed From Chrome Store After 20M Users Download Them

    Google has removed several fake ad blockers (Warning auto play video) after research firm AdGuard published a blog showing that over 20 million Chrome users had downloaded them over the last year. I have to say that AdGuard did everyone a service by finding this, but the fact that Google didn't...
  2. FrgMstr

    Spot the Fake...Person

    This is an interesting read over at the Scientific American. It discusses how AI and neural networks are poised to be used to create fake photographs of just about everything in existence and NVIDIA is at the heart of it. These GANs networks are taking hundreds of thousands of pictures and...
  3. R

    Reddit and Pornhub Ban AI Generated Fake Videos

    In the latest news on AI pr0n, Reddit and Pornhub are banning the machine learning created superimposed videos known as "deepfakes." Reddit has split some old rules about adult content, one of which is now "Do Not Post Involuntary Pornography." A spokesman from Pornhub told Motherboard "We do...