1. Z

    Extensions cords for Oculus Rift to use in other room?

    I can't be the only one who has thought of this, but my room is not that far from the living room and I want to know if there was a way I could extend the HDMI and the USBs that I need for the sensor hmd into the living room without there being any problems. Is there a length limit that I could...
  2. H

    Replacement for Firefox + TabMixPlus?

    Hi All, This latest Firefox extensions issue is the last straw for me. I've been running legacy Firefox v56.0.2 + TabMixPlus mainly for multi-row tabs (I'm a tab whore). Can anyone recommend a replacement? I would be more than happy to migrate to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, just need...
  3. cageymaru

    Google Launches Password Checkup Extension

    Google has announced a new extension for Google Chrome called Password Checkup that will monitor the passwords that you type into websites to see if they have been compromised in a third-party data breach. Google says it has access to over 4 billion credentials that have been compromised and...
  4. R

    "Stylish" Browser Extension Steals All Your Internet History

    Popular browser extension "Stylish," used for customizing the appearance of webpages, was recently found to also be stealing all of your internet history. Software engineer Robert Heaton noticed the problem last week when he spotted a large number of requests going to api.userstyles.org. After...
  5. R

    Google's "View Image" Button Returns With This Chrome Extension

    Last Friday, Montu depressed everyone when we reported that Google had removed the View Image button from Google Image Search. Well I am here today to lift your spirits and report that an extension for Chrome simply titled "View image" brings the button back exactly how it was before Google...
  6. FrgMstr

    Thermaltake Core P100 Pedestal Extension Review @ [H]

    Thermaltake Core P100 Pedestal Extension Review - The Thermaltake Core P100 Pedestal is an expansion part for the Thermaltake W100 full tower case previously reviewed here. What the P100 does is give you the ability to expand you cooling system's ability or give you space for extra storage...