essential phone

  1. E

    FS: Essential Phone (PH-1) 128GB - Halo Gray, Unlocked *MINT*

    Bought this phone unlocked from Amazon in August and recently upgraded to an iPhone as required for work. As a result I'm selling this mint condition, like new Essential Phone 128GB in Halo Gray color. I cannot find a single scratch, ding, or dent on the device (please review photos taken of the...
  2. cageymaru

    Android 9 Pie Has Been Released and Packs a Ton of New Features

    Android 9 Pie is out and it contains a lot of new features. First of all Essential Phone users have day one access to Android 9 Pie as Essential Products was one of seven device maker partners that enrolled their flagship devices into the beta for the software update. The update features new...
  3. R

    Essential Phone 2 May Have Pop-Up Selfie Camera

    Androidcenteral is reporting that the Essential Phone 2 may come with a front facing camera that can pop out from the top of the frame, then get stored when not in use. The news comes after a tweet from Essential's Andy Rubin showed a patent for the design from May of 2016. The reason for this...
  4. FrgMstr

    New Essential Phone an Essential Failure

    The $700 Essential Phone grabbed a lot of attention last summer, but it looks like a lot of that excitement was not transferred into actual sales at Sprint stores, and Best Buy. The Essential Phone sold less than 90,000 units even after massive price cuts last October. A lot of folks are...