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    Eclipse Causes Pr0n Traffic To Plummet

    Porn site xHamster has announced in a blog post that cities that were in the path of the complete eclipse, or nearly complete dropped as much as fifty percent, with Nashville traffic dropping 43%. Cities that were not in the path of the complete eclipse saw much smaller declines in traffic, with...
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    NASA Using Two 1960s Vintage Jets To Chase The Eclipse

    Nasa will be sending up two WB-57F jets from the 1960s to 50,000 feet to chase the eclipse. At 460 mph they will be in the shadow for four minutes and above any cloud cover. At cruising altitude, the sky will be 20-30 times darker than on the ground, enhancing the details in the sun's...
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    Recommend me a camera for eclipse photography

    I'm just back from seeing the eclipse in Indonesia and my camera - a Pentax WG-1 - was wholly inadequate not only for the eclipse itself but for the rest of the tour. I knew it was going to be inadequate for the eclipse itself but was expecting it to be good for the rest. So I need a better...