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    Can MMCX connector use for all of earbuds that had mmcx detachable cable?

    I just bought tennmak pro, which is a surprisingly good sound quality for the price(30 dollars) and it had mmcx cable on it. So i was wondering, can a mmcx connector use for any earbuds. will my tennmak pro with pinnacle mmcx cable work ?
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    Buying decision, HIFIMAN RE 400 or Massdrop x HIFIMAN RE 00

    I wanted to buy an earbud that go along with Fiio M3 or just for casual listening. I listened to edm as well as classical. My budget is below 60$. Thinking about audio Technica im50 too
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    Need help! Shure se112 or Sennheiser CX 3.00

    I want to buy an earbuds that under $50, I usually listen to EDM and Pop music. plz help PS:i tried shure se112(love it).
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    FS: TDS1002B Portable Digital Oscilloscope

    Selling some treasured things, emergency life events call for reevaluation of priorities. Amazon Listings (see for pictures) If you would like to buy it via another payment system just ask. My Heat Open Box New Tektronix Dual Channel Oscilloscope 60MHz Model TDS1002B in excellent condition no...