1. cageymaru

    FocusAR: Auto-Focus AR Eyeglasses That Can Replace Prescription Eyeglasses

    Researchers are developing FocusAR: auto-focusing augmented reality eyewear that can replace prescription eyeglasses. The glasses dynamically correct for the focus of the real world surrounding the near-eye display of the user and simultaneously the internal display for augmented synthetic...
  2. X

    Selling: BNIB AKG Q701 headphones (green)

    I have these headphones in green color (BNIB) and I will let them go for $130 shipped. I prefer Google Wallet, but will also accept Paypal. http://www.amazon.com/AKG-Q701Premium-Reference-Headphones-Signature/dp/B004444O46/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1458677250&sr=8-3&keywords=akg+q701...
  3. H

    Dynamic Table - Redundancy in Saving data

    One of the features of our project is a dynamic tabular input. We're using PHP programming. It's already working in adding rows. But it duplicates in submitting the data. Another row containing null always appear in the database when saving. I'm new to this dynatable. I'm using mysql in...