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    GTX 1070 DVI output problem

    I have a Win10/Ubuntu/MacOS multiboot UEFI system. Recently my GTX 680 died and I replaced it with GTX 1070. Everything is fine, except the DVI output doesn't work during the boot up and in Windows and MacOS, but it works in Ubuntu, weirdly enough. Currently I'm using one of the DisplayPorts. I...
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    FS/FT: HP Spectre x360 13t 4K laptop, Sennheiser HD598, Apple accessories

    For sale/trade: offers welcome! HEAT (6-0-0) I am local to Torrance, CA. PAYPAL, local cash/venmo accepted Things I am looking for (I can add $$ on my end): cheap, large capacity SSDs (>1.5TB per physical drive) Bose soundsport wireless who knows what else I may be interested in... drop me...
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    WTB: 19 inch flat aperture grille CRT monitor

    Looking for Sony (Trinitron), Samsung (SyncMaster), Viewsonic (model numbers starting with "P"), NEC (FE991SB), or Mitsubishi (Diamond). Must be in perfect working order.
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    Triple Monitors (Dell 3007WFP) and Dell Active DP to Dual Link DVI adapter detect/flicker mayhem

    I have three 3007WFP's hooked up to a XFX R9 290. Motherboard is a P9x79 WS if that makes any difference. Two of the 3007WFPS are on Dual Link DVI cables directly to the card, the third has to use the Dell Active DP to Dual Link DVI adapter. OS is Win 10 x64 Now as some background, I had all...
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    miniDP > DVI-D adapter: 2560x1600 @60HZ

    Is it theoretically possible to achieve 60HZ signal at a resolition of 2560x1600 from a miniDisplayPort > DVI-D adapter? I ask this because I have tried THREE adapters one 8$, one 15$ and one 32$ and all three promised to go into resolutions of up to 4K @30HZ, and the latter promised...
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    future proof strix 980 ti for 3 high res / refresh LCDs

    edit - It just dawned on me the new monitors would support a displayport input so disregard the futureproof portion I'm long overdue for a gpu upgrade. I am currently running two HD6950s with a triple (60hz/1080p) monitor setup (two LCDs using regular DVI cables, the third is using an active...