1. 1337Goat

    Ultra-Retro Extreme Capability and Compatibility Build

    It begins. The components have already been shipped, and now I must simply wait for the glorious day that they arrive. Hours upon hours of searching has yielded me the Jetway 663AS Ultra Motherboard. A Socket 462 aka Socket A motherboard equipped with the VT82C686B chipset. Yes, the 686B, not...
  2. Armenius

    PC Classic!

    You know you want one. Yes, the site says this is real and not a joke. Best part of the FAQ: Can’t I just buy a Raspberry Pi, an enclosure, gamepad, keyboard, and mouse, 3D print a faceplate, install Armbian, buy 30+ games, build the source...
  3. DooKey

    A Third of the Internet is Under Attack

    Study by San Diego Supercomputer Center’s CAIDA (Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis) group finds millions of network addresses subjected to denial-of-service attacks over two-year period. According to the study the scale of the attacks is much larger than anyone thought. The internet...
  4. FrgMstr

    PC-DOS 0.90 Found in the Wild

    The OS2 Museum has gotten hold of the oldest known PC operating system known to exist. And if you are looking to brush up on those old DOS keystrokes, you can hit up the emulator here. So I guess now you guys need to start digging through those old disks and see if you can uncover something...
  5. rezerekted

    What were they thinking?

    Been checking out a load of old Dos games and just have to shake my head at the fact so many of them had no obvious way to exit the game. alt+x, al+q, ctrl+x, ctrl+q and in many none of those work. Not even the escape key or alt+F4. Numerous games I have to use task manger to kill the game just...