1. Shadowarez

    how to optimize Primocache hit rate %

    hi all i was wondering alot of the systems iv built in past have seen huge improvements from using Primocache as most systems ppl want arent like my Monolithic Monster, most the systems have this setup for storage, 1. 512gb m.2 or higher 2. pcie ssd (intel 750+) 3. 6-14tb HDD (seagate-WD)...
  2. D

    My free trial of PrimoCache disk caching software - would buy/recommended

    Hey Guys, After watching an LTT video on Optane vs StoreMI I caught on to his preview of how Primocache actually outperformed them all. So I set about to test it myself. My System: Thuban II 1100T Gigabyte ga78-lmt mATX 16gb Patriot 1333 ddr3 GTX 1060 3gb 240gb Sandisk SSD (SSD Plus model) on...