1. cageymaru

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Announcement Trailer

    Today, Codemasters has announced the DiRT Rally 2.0 racing game. The game will feature events and championships in both a single player and a competitive online environment. There will be a Deluxe Edition with the first 2 seasons of post launch content included. Coming to the PlayStation 4...
  2. NoxTek

    For the love of god, if you sell products from a smoker's home please say so in your ad...

    What the title says. I don't run into this problem much anymore these days, probably because people finally realize lung cancer and emphysema are really shitty ways to die. But I recently got shipped a GTX 770 that had that oh so special signature smell, and upon examining the fans the back...
  3. H

    FS/FT: $30 DiRT Rally/Rise Tomb Raider/Quake Champions Plus (STEAM)

    I am selling 3 Steam games, all for $30: DiRT Rally, Quake Champions & Rise of the Tomb Raider (all redeemable on Steam). Quake Champions includes a Ranger champion and the champion BJ BLASKOWICZ from WOLFENSTEIN; as well as 50 Shards, 100 Platinum, and 2000 Favor. I am open to trades, and I...
  4. B

    FS: $5 or less Steam games CIV Beyond Earth, GRID 2, DIRT Showdown

    All SOLD!! Few games sitting in my inventory on steam. I'll accept PayPal or Amazon Gift Card as payment. Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - $5 GRID 2 with some DLCs + GRID - $5 Dirt Showdown - $5 GRID - $1 or free with another game purchase Heat: Blackbird0147