destiny 2

  1. G

    Anyone out there know what I’d need to run Destiny 2 @ a solid 144 frames?

    Looking to build a PC to play and livestream Destiny 2. Just wondering where I should put my bottom line when it comes to a graphics card. I don’t want to have to have to upgrade it when I get a 144hz monitor, but I don’t think I’ll be playing at 4K or even anything higher than maybe 1440p. I’m...
  2. cageymaru

    Google Stadia Livestream

    Google is livestreaming a reveal of its new Stadia gaming service. I was reading rumors of Destiny 2 coming to Stadia and Steam as a free-to-play title for the base game. If you want more content then you will have to pay for it. Pricing and more will be revealed during the stream. Starts in...
  3. cageymaru

    Activision Blizzard Layoffs May Cause Key Talent to Leave

    Activision Blizzard said the recently announced layoffs at the company may have a negative impact on its business. On page 12 of its SEC filing, the company warned investors that the job cuts may not have the desired effect of saving the company money as "there can be no assurance that our...
  4. cageymaru

    Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter Promises New Rewards and Challenges

    When Destiny 2 the Season of the Drifter launches on March 5, all players of Destiny 2 will have access to new rewards and challenges. Bungie has revealed the roadmap for the Season of the Drifter expansion and earlier promises that were made to players have come into focus. Annual Pass owners...
  5. cageymaru

    Bungie Bundles Older Expansion Pass Content with Forsaken DLC

    The launch of Destiny 2 was very lackluster and the first two expansions didn't fix the issues that customers complained about. Frustrated players had become wary of paying $40 for the 3rd expansion called Destiny 2: Forsaken. Bungie has seen the writing on the wall and made the decision to...
  6. badcookies

    WTT: Destiny 2 (xbox one) for Destiny 2 (PC)

    soooo I dont want a xbox live sub. never have, probably never will. I want to play destiny 2 and so my gf got me destiny 2.... but for xbox one. I have the xbox version shrink wrapped brand new and will ship it free to cont.US in exchange for the blizzard activated PC version. cred in sig. if...
  7. W

    [FS] [ Shop] 25% off any item with a gift option

    I'm offering any item with a gift option at 25-30% off, valid on sale price. I need to collect and remit taxes from Canadians. Heatware: How it works: You send me a private message with the following information: - The item(s) you are looking to buy - The...
  8. N

    FS: Seasonic Prime 1200W Gold + Intel G3930 + Destiny 2

    Seasonic Prime 1200W Gold Comes with all cables and original box $250 + shipping or local pickup in Seattle Intel G3930 Comes with original box $40 shipped Destiny 2 Code for PC $23 Needs a 1080 or 1080Ti installed to activate. Heatware is 153-0-0
  9. DooKey

    Players Catch Destiny 2 Developers Misrepresenting XP Gains

    Over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend Destiny 2 players posted on Reddit that they had discovered XP gain depended on what mode you were playing or how long you played. According to the players there was no in-game notice letting you know this was happening. However, after Bungie was...
  10. I

    Sold: Destiny 2 for Nvidia GTX 1080

    I'm selling Destiny 2 game redemption code which came bundled with a 1080 purchase. I believe that to effectively redeem it you would need a 1080 and it's only for those in North America. You could probably use a VPN to get around the region check though. SOLD for $30 11/18/2017
  11. I

    FS: Destiny 2 PC - NVIDIA Code (Requires a GTX 1080 or 1080 TI)

    SOLD Heatware --> Please include your Heatware link in PM. Or, possess a substantial forum [H]istory. Redeeming an NVIDIA code requires that you have a GTX 1080 or GTX 1080 TI. Each video card can only be used once to redeem a Destiny 2 code, by my understanding. Instructions provided with the...
  12. R

    Hundreds Banned From Destiny 2 PC

    Hundreds of players of Destiny 2 for PC are reportedly getting banned for no reason, some just after launching the game and before they could create a character. Most reports are assuming that the bans are coming from the use of applications that use a hook / overlay feature, such as Twitch...
  13. M

    PSA: How to avoid insta ban in destiny 2.

  14. DooKey

    Destiny 2 PC Developers Talk Esports and Cheating

    Destiny 2 is going to finally hit the PC in a few days and is up for pre-loading now. The developers chat with the folks at the Telegraph and reveal some things about esports, cheating, and if Destiny 1's story will ever come to the PC. Take a look because it's a pretty good read. After over...
  15. FrgMstr

    Destiny 2 Open Beta Today

    If you pre-purchased Destiny 2 or were lucky enough to get your hands on a code, you can get into Destiny 2's first episode today. I played through with some older NVIDIA drivers without issue as well as their new drivers that include Destiny 2 support. The games performed very well on the PC...
  16. M

    Destiny 2 Not Supporting Certain Third Party Apps

    In a move that will probably piss off potential Destiny 2 players, Bungie the developer for Destiny 2 has outlined a list for several programs that will not be supported during the PC beta test and on its release. Posted on the developers site, the list includes framerate monitoring programs...
  17. N

    FS: Destiny 2 (Nvidia/Geforce) codes $40

    2 codes up for grabs Destiny 2 code that Nvidia is giving away. Requirements listed below. For a limited time, buy a select GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, system, or laptop, and get Destiny 2 at PC Launch and Early Access to the PC Beta. Redemption Steps 1. Install...
  18. D

    SoldFS: Destiny 2(Nvidia GTX 1080/GTX 1080ti code) $40

    For sale is the Destiny 2 code that Nvidia is giving away. Make sure you meet the requirements to redeem it BEFORE you buy. To redeem your promotional code for Destiny 2 please follow the steps below: 1. Install your qualified graphics card and update or install the latest version of...