1. C

    Bought an MSI refurb prebuilt for its 3080. 3080 is 100% defective. What to do?

    I'm really annoyed because I finally got a 3080 thanks to an MSI Aegis refurbished prebuilt that has an MSI Ventus 3080 in it. Purchased from Woot (an Amazon company). The issue is that the 3080 artifacts and crashes at the slightest vibration or touch -- especially its PCI-E connection. For...
  2. S

    Acer xb271hu - pixel brightness "shimmer" - defect or normal?

    When I turn on the monitor after it has been off for a while (1hr+) it has alternating levels of bright/dim in vertical bands. They disappear after the monitor has been on for some minutes (~5-10). The effect is more apparent at lower framerates (such as HotS being capped at 60 fps on title...
  3. The Internal

    Are Asus x99 boards currently having a bad run?

    Hey all. So, I'm looking to do a build around my i7-6850k and I've encountered a surprising number of bad reviews / complaints about Asus x99 motherboards toasting their CPUs and/or needing multiple RMAs. I was considering going with an ASUS board, despite the X99-A having some recurring...