1. cageymaru

    The Tech World Remembers Jerry Merryman Who Was an Inventor of the Calculator

    Born June 17, 1932; Jerry Merryman was a brilliant inventor whom others could call upon for information on any subject. By age 11, Mr. Merryman was the Hearne, TX radio repairman. "'He'd scrap together a few cents to go to the movies in the afternoons and evenings and the police would come get...
  2. cageymaru

    Computer Pioneer and Entrepreneur Bill Godbout Has Died in the California Wildfires

    Bill Godbout was a pioneer in the early personal computer days before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were famous. He was known for streamlining the S-100 bus, a communication system that transferred data between components inside computers, including the Altair and other homebrew machines. He sold...
  3. cageymaru

    Study Finds That Taking Selfie Pics in Dangerous Situations Is on the Rise

    A recent medical study from India found that 259 people have died in 137 incidents when they practiced dangerous and reckless behavior while taking a selfie picture. They excluded deaths due to mobile phone usage and reports from non-English sources so the number of worldwide deaths could have...
  4. R

    Dying is Against PayPal's TOS

    The BBC is reporting that PayPal sent a letter to 37 year old Lindsay Durdle for a breach of agreement due to the fact that she had died. Mrs. Durdle passed away May 31st after a battle with cancer, her husband provided PayPal with copies of her death certificate, will, and ID as requested. That...
  5. DooKey

    Gamers Involved in December’s Swatting Death Just Got Indicted

    Back in January we passed on news that Tyler Barriss allegedly made a swatting call that resulted in the death of a person who wasn't even gaming. Mr. Barriss was charged with manslaughter by Kansas authorities and is awaiting trial on the charges. However, that's not all the legal jeopardy that...
  6. FrgMstr

    Swatting "Prank" Ends Up in Death?

    Cageymaru sent this over to me early Friday morning. A man was killed in Kansas, as reported by the The Wichita Eagle, in what seemed to be another Swatting event. At that time there was no hard evidence that pointed towards Swatting, although circumstantial evidence seemed to point to that...
  7. cageymaru

    Twitch Streamer Dies in Middle of 24 Hour Stream

    Twitch streamer and avid World of Tanks gamer Brian Vigneault, aka Poshybrid, has died during a 24-hour Make-A-Wish charity stream. Known for his marathon streaming habits, the father of three was at the 22 hour mark when he took a break to smoke a cigarette. He never returned and it was...