dead graphics card

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    Can a graphics card run on different vram-chips

    I just accidentaly bought a gpu on eBay on which de owner had exchanged the ram-chip without me realizing in the offer. I dont think that in this case the card will work this way due to poor soldering and probably the wrong chip. This made me curious though and now im wondering - can a gpu...
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    GPU is getting power but no image

    I have two graphics cards which are both getting power on their main and memory phases and become hot really quickly when powered on. That's why I concluded the their power supply ist working correctly but they still won't show an image. I'm new in the graphics card repair section and therefore...
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    My GTX 1080 has died

    To cut a long story short, I think my 1080 has died, it lights up, but I don't get any output to a monitor nor do the fans spin. I've confirmed it doesn't work in a different machine either, and confirmed that the rest of the components are working properly. I was experiencing crashes under load...