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    Are you single and own a Tesla? This new dating app might drive you to paradise

    An app called Tesla Dating is currently in the works, made exclusively for verified Tesla owners. The app's set-up is akin to that of Tinder or Bumble, except the only people that appear on the app are fellow Tesla cult followers...
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    Facebook Announces New Dating Feature

    CNBC is reporting that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced during the annual F8 Developer Conference today, that they are launching a new dating feature. The opt-in feature will allow users to make a dating profile that friends won't be able to see, as well as match users with people they are...
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    Furry Dating Site Shuts Down Due to FOSTA

    The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act was passed on March 23rd by Congress, and 2 days later furry dating website voluntarily shut down according to a report from Motherbaord. Instead of personal ads for furries, visiting the site now will only provide an explanation of why the site...