custom case

  1. 1337Goat

    Ultra-Retro Extreme Capability and Compatibility Build

    It begins. The components have already been shipped, and now I must simply wait for the glorious day that they arrive. Hours upon hours of searching has yielded me the Jetway 663AS Ultra Motherboard. A Socket 462 aka Socket A motherboard equipped with the VT82C686B chipset. Yes, the 686B, not...
  2. O

    ATX in Silverstone's ITX RVZ 03 + 3 Slot GPU and Custom AIO *Sponsored*

    full in's and out's can be found here; Basically my wife upgraded the living room to full Ikea Hemnes furniture and Dynamic case does't fit into the desk , nor...
  3. L

    Looking for PSU pinout... Help needed!

    Hi All, This is my first post here and I hope I choose the correct section. I have one dirty, little hardware project on my hands but I'm stuck and I need your help. Would be possible someone of you share few detailed pics of all connectors available on DL320 G6 power supply? I hope someone...
  4. stelsevo

    Custom_MOD FLEX mini 3.99L

    Please fill this form if you want to make an order. If the form is not available tell us. All information about current orders and shipping dates. - Production: ESI METAL factory (video), swiss solutions «Bystronic» - Material: 1.5mm Aluminium, Powder Coating CASE FLEX...
  5. W31 D0n9

    Any interest in DIY panel for open-air pc case?

    After searching for an open-air pc case, and only finding a few offerings (from Thermaltake, Lian-Li, Feros, InWin), then researching fully DIY build projects, I was inspired to design something on my own. I wanted something that had the quality and polish of the branded cases, with a more...
  6. P

    Case Construction Kit project

    For a while now, I have been planning to build a case for my special requirements, such as - small, - light, - full size GPU, - ATX PSU, - modular - cabin bag size friendly. + good ventillation, not noisy and easy to work on. Being a generalist kinda a guy, I wanted something fully modular and...
  7. stelsevo

    CustomMOD flex ATX 5.2L

    In connection with the problem of ordering the DC-ATX G-Unique, I decided to expand the range of enclosures with internal power supplies. I also think that many people will like the idea of installing a more powerful video card than in our previous mini-cases, for example ZOTAC GTX 1080 Mini...
  8. G

    Project: mITX SFF custom case

    A few months back I started getting excited about Zen and Vega so I wanted to try something I've never done before. I began working on an ITX SFF case that would house a dGPU as well while keeping the volume as small as possible. I began this project without knowing about the Sentry case, but...