1. C

    LPD: Laser Phosphor Display - Successor to CRT?

    (a couple years back I posted a thread at BlurBusters about this. Posting here since I'm interested in HardForum's thoughts.) LPD is a rear projection display using a scanning laser (ultraviolet) which excites coloured phosphors on the screen - Very similar principle to CRT (which steers an...
  2. A

    New Old Stock Sony GDM CRT Monitor Arcing Sound

    I recently purchased two brand new zero hour Sun CRT monitors (rebadged Sony GDMs). I have unboxed them both since they have arrived and have been using one of them to play GC/Wii games. I would estimate I had it powered on for maybe 10-20 hours total. I noticed today, and also once last week...
  3. S

    GDM-FW900 CRT (needs repaired) Not mine. I figured I’d share this in case someone in NJ is feeling ambitious. First one I’ve seen in some time priced below $1000 (working or not…).
  4. xykreilon

    CRT monitors with a small dot pitch

    Unfortunately, the spec listings of many CRTs inflate their max resolution past what their aperture grille or shadow mask is actually capable of resolving. To my knowledge, the ViewSonic G220f is the highest resolution CRT, when dot pitch is considered. With a dot pitch of .21mm at 20" viewable...
  5. V

    South Australia: CRT Monitors

    Hello, I am desperately looking for flat screen CRT monitors that are at least 19" that are in working order (no scratches on the screen, no discolouration, etc.) I have been looking on and off since late last year and found none in South Australia on Gumtree, eBay, and Craigslist doesn't really...
  6. R

    Looking for 24' Sony GDM-FW900 near michigan

    I'm having trouble finding one and would really like one, if anyone has any info I'd appreciate it.
  7. A

    Sony GDM-fw900 problem

    Okay so I have a Sony GDM fw900 and use it very rarely like once in 2 months or so.Now the last time I used it was maybe 1.5 month ago and it worked perfectly. Yesterday I turned it on and was presented with the problem shown in the picture below. As you can see these horizontal bars appear on...
  8. A

    HDMI to VGA better then VGA

    Hi everyone. For some reason connecting my acer laptop with GTX 940m ( both HDMI and VGA out) with HDMI to VGA adapter looks better and crispier than using the VGA port. I have it connected to a crt sun GDM90W10 (Sony). I was using the VGA port of the laptop to connect the monitor , the image...
  9. S

    SELLING: 7* NEC XP29 Plus (same as XM29 Plus but better)

    Selling NEC XP29 Plus in Los Angles/San Diego, proper shipping an option as well. (XP not XM, P is better) You’ve probably heard of the NEC XM29 Plus and it being arguably the best retro CRT you can get. These are XP29 plus, same but better, more rare, more signal range, so they can do 1024x768...
  10. B

    Sanyo CRT Overscan Problem

    Recently picked up a cheap Sanyo CRT television on craigslist to replace my old one that kicked the bucket. The TV works fine except for this god awful overscan that I can't seem to get rid of. - super mario bros cut off on top and channel info cut off on bottom...
  11. G

    Problems with Apple Studio Display (17" CRT)

    I recently bought this display off of Craigslist and when I plugged it in I noticed it has some quirks, and I want some advice on how to work them out. First off, it has a curve in the corners of the picture that seems to fluctuate with brightness. (for example, it's more severe when I have...