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  1. cageymaru

    Gigabyte X499 Motherboards Shown at Computex

    WCCFTECH snapped some pics of the Gigabyte X499 motherboards at Computex. These are for the next-generation Core X HEDT CPU lineup. There are tons of information on the CPUs and motherboards including plenty of pics in the article...
  2. E

    FS: AMD and Intel CPUs

    Here's what I've got. AMD - BNIB 1800X $380 - Gently used 1700X $225. Will throw in an ASRock B350M Pro4 for an extra $50. Intel - 2x lightly used 7740X chips for $230 each. Will throw in ASRock X299 Taichi for an extra $125 with purchase of either of these chips. heatware under...